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Sparse, pulsing verses tell a tale of murder with frenzied instrumental sections. Would be great for film or TV.
Dreamy, spacious music with a longing vocal.
A building vocal winds over a soundscape of swirling guitars and violin.
Medium tempo folk rock with a yearning vocal.
Ethereal folk roots with a soulful vocal.
A cinematic, foreboding soundscape builds with soaring vocals leading to an intense climax.
A moody and brooding tale of lost love and deceit.
Quick moving country blues tale of dark goings-on out on the Essex marshes.
A lush, melancholic song with harmonised vocals and mournful violin.
Dirty fuzz guitar and violin duel under defiant vocals.
Spectral, psychedelic soundscapes giving way to driving, up-tempo beats with longing, soaring vocals. Would suit a film score.
Heavy, driving mid-tempo beat with pulsing bass-line and foreboding vocals. Atmospheric soundtrack
Stepping, up-tempo beat with sparse arrangements giving way to psychedelic bursts.
Heavy, dubby funk groove with soulful vocals and fuzzed-out guitar solo.
Swampy, dirty riff with a solid stomping beat and bluesy smokey vocals.
Solid, dubby dance groove with haunting vocals and spacey backing.
Steady, solid afro-beat rhythm with swirling and entwining vocals, guitars and organ.
A foreboding groove with swelling, rising vocal melodies and guitars.
Dark, solid beats and dreamy choruses launching into a apocalyptic psychedelic climax.
Urgent, pushing rhythms giving way to lush arrangements and melodic vocals and harmonies.
Powerful, uplifting pop with male vocal
Surging, strong pop with male vocal.
Melodic, harmonious Americana Folk; delightful male vocal, attractive-on-the-ears percussion with clapping and shakers, delicate acoustic guitar
Light, bright, sunny, bouncy, loving. A positive day dawns.
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