Great blues lead on electric guitar with a distinctive edge of upbeat funk
Rhythmic, upbeat blues instrumental with crowd cheering for a real party atmopshere
Medium tempo, steady, sultry blues; strong male vocal
Rhythmic, buoyant blues with improvised saxophone, electric guitar and funky male vocals
Slow, steady, nocturnal blues - male vocals and seductively sluggish drums and bass
Uptempo blues, energised sax and piano, steamy male vocals and flirtatious female backing vocals; fantastic, lively blues that make you dance!
Lively, upbeat blues with energised brass and swinging percussion
Driving, strong and funky blues - valiant male vocal. Creative and thrusting percussion in break.
Slow and steady blues; intricate and creative guitar solos, male vocal.
Rhythmic blues with strong male vocal and lead guitar
Medium tempo, sultry and steady blues; simple, romantic lyrics on relationship satisfaction
Easy listening, rock and roll blues instrumental
Medium fast, lively rhythm and blues number; euphemistic lyrics which portray the dangerous allure of cocaine in the music industry
Soulful blues, creative meandering organ and solid male vocal
Bold, punchy brass intro to a strutting rhythm and blues number with male vocal and female backing vocals. Great energy!