Lively, upbeat, Eddie Cochran inspired rockabilly dancefloor beats.
Smooth and steady pop-rock ballad with uplifting male vocals and harmonies. Nostalgic, warm chorus.
Beautiful, romantic ballad; acoustic and electric guitars with a charming country edge.
Punchy, stylish retro seventies number; handsome rhythm!
Album's title track. Light, easy listening, pop-rock with upbeat motion and relaxing, melodic male vocals.
Uptempo pop with great male vocal and harmonies; lyrics surround the intrigue and charm of a demanding woman.
Soft pop rock ballad with alluring male vocal about heartache and break up. Great guitar.
Upbeat, feel good, fun and friendship; energetic percussion and guitars.
Gentle, slow, emotive ballad. Delicate piano, gorgeous melody and break. Simply beautiful.
Real audience intro which builds to a great, pulsing indie rock song. Uplifting, melodic chorus with catchy feel-good energy. Impossible not to dance to this track!
Light and uplifting, gentle acoustic guitar. Simple, honest, happy with a catchy melody and charming male vocal.