Mystical, dreamy atmosphere, building soaring vocal melody with psychedelic haunting feel.
Rhythmic, pusling, rock fusion track, vibrant, positive, expansive, exciting.
Smooth, magical, uplifting rock ballad feel, Irish influence, emotional vocals and electric guitar solos, midnight, heartfelt melody.
Ambient, swirling, dramatic guitars and vocals, triumphant, mesmerising layers, hazy atmosphere with uplifting movement.
Emotional, sad, dreamy strings and soulful female vocal, building, cinematic lament, dramatic, enigmatic, mysterious and tragic.
Slow, dramatic, cinematic vocals with piano and guitar atmosphere and soaring flute, building, emotion and romance, airy expansive feel.
Epic resonating vocal, cinematic, emotional sound, dramatic, layered atmospheric vocals and strings.
Ambient, progressive rock track, ethereal female vocals and steady beat, dreamy, dramatic, cinematic, slow, epic, building feel.