Propulsive, jagged, swirling guitars, jealousy, secrets and lies, lyrics based on a book by Julian Barnes.
Beautiful ballad, gentle rhythms, smooth, timeless, airy track.
Exciting, upbeat, mysterious rock fusion track featuring male vocals and Eastern musical influences.
Slow, soft, smooth song, sentimental and dreamy featuring male vocals and Al Murray
Layered vocals over harmonized guitars, with lyrics about modern-day politics and social division.
Majestic electric guitar instrumental feature featuring orchestral sounds and high skill
Heavy mysterious track, atmospheric with guitars and male vocal
Mysterious, a cappella, atmospheric, very cinematic track featuring layers of male vocal and occasional percussion
Mysterious landscapes, changes, beautiful, airy. Featuring piano, strings, guitar and woodwind.
Epic rock, thundering percussion, shifting, staggered, oblique, dramatic.