Urgent, pushing rhythms giving way to lush arrangements and melodic vocals and harmonies.
Dark, solid beats and dreamy choruses launching into a apocalyptic psychedelic climax.
A foreboding groove with swelling, rising vocal melodies and guitars.
Steady, solid afro-beat rhythm with swirling and entwining vocals, guitars and organ.
Solid, dubby dance groove with haunting vocals and spacey backing.
Swampy, dirty riff with a solid stomping beat and bluesy smokey vocals.
Heavy, dubby funk groove with soulful vocals and fuzzed-out guitar solo.
Stepping, up-tempo beat with sparse arrangements giving way to psychedelic bursts.
Heavy, driving mid-tempo beat with pulsing bass-line and foreboding vocals. Atmospheric soundtrack
Spectral, psychedelic soundscapes giving way to driving, up-tempo beats with longing, soaring vocals. Would suit a film score.