Upbeat, groovy funk with powerful male vocals, punchy electric guitar and brass
Steady, punchy, funk with a Jamiroquai edge and a helping of slightly soulful breaks. Explicit lyric.
Lively rhythmic rock with catchy guitars and brass. Seriously feel-good!
Smooth and soulful groove with a tinge of disco
Easy listening, soulful romantic rock with great Hammond organ
Quirky, kinky funk-fuelled pop, great Prince style vocals and synths.
Crisp, charming and uplifting indie pop rock; electric guitar break
Soft and steady pop rock ballad, pretty 1970s vibe
True Jamiroquai style funk, powerful electric guitar and soaring male vocals. Packs a punch!
Strong funk, bold brass, male vocal
Proud, punchy, funk with energy and swing
Lively rock about getting up to fun, going out, living the life