GYPSY JAZZ - female vocal, alto flute, double bass, percussion bongo conga catchy, movement, dancing, guitar, electric organ, swinging easy nocturnal, waltz: lyrics tell daughter father relationship
GYPSY JAZZ - cover of original track by Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli. Translation: "If You Knew" Long Lunch Music do not currently publish this track
GYPSY JAZZ - female vocal, double bass, alto flute, drum brushes, guitar - carefree relaxed easy flowing jazzy nocturnal, written by Florence in memory of her friend and well known jazz singer, Jimmy Scott
GYPSY JAZZ - female vocal, guitar, bongo conga drums nocturnal simple catchy smooth romantic seductive guitar solo cheeky, calypso song.
GYPSY JAZZ - harmonica opening solo, ambient, nocturnal, female vocal, double bass, conga bongo drums, alto flute, guitar, sultry, easy, smooth, rippling
GYPSY JAZZ - cover of Jean Féline/ Paul Misraki song, French language, homecoming, invitation, “back to mine” hostess, clarinet
GYPSY JAZZ - female vocal, double bass, gentle RnB rhythm, conga bonga drums, electric organ, guitar, harmonica break, guitar break
GYPSY JAZZ - female vocal, trombone, drums, double bass, spanish nocturnal, dancing, medium pace, glamour jazz drinking seductive, cocaine, about partner who partook in the naughty powder!
GYPSY JAZZ - cover of Romanian folk tune in US. French language. Translatation: Johnny You're No Angel
JAZZ - smooth easy female vocal drum brushes, double bass, electric guitar, nocturnal morning time, optimism