Soulful number with bluesy brass and guitars and the seductive sound of Collette Cooper's evocative vocal.
Succinct, crisp, jazzy musical theatre gem with piano and husky female vocal
Punchy, strong, headstrong jazz about a persona ablazen with alarming dishonesty. Fun, bold track!
Slow, alluring evening jazz band with the nocturnal beauty of Collette's vocal.
Bold, unabashed tale of the alluring bright lights of the City of London's street life, adorned with valiant jazzy brass and nocturnal ooze from the Hammond organ.
Upbeat, nocturnal jazz; playful, fun lyrics and vocal
Sultry jazz song storytelling illicit vices and devilish entertainments.
Enticing, relaxing country jazz with a delicious splash of banjo - all brought to you by our Hostess with the Mostess!
Easy listening, soulful jazz with the sounds of piano, Hammond organ and fabulous percussion. Try not to swing your hips to this one...