Emotive, poignant pop ballad. Male vocal, piano, guitar, percussion; soothing and romantic
Simple, melodic, romance-infused pop ballad. Charismatic blend of male vocal, guitars, keyboards, percussion
Uptempo rock - bold, brazen drums with great guitars and vocals.
Soothing way of pop ballad meets therapeutic piano and orchestral tones, soft percussion and beautiful emotion
Easy on the ear, melodic soft country rock with sunshine rays, optimism and a splash of delicate reggae guitar. Reconciliation, making up, love and romance rolled into one.
Nocturnal, on-the-road soft rock with momentum and deep, husky vocals
Easy, rolling, soft country rock. Romantic yet energised with a superb singalong chorus.
Easy listening melodic soft rock
Evocative, low key, nocturnal - plump rolling bass, keyboards, woodwind, percussion; easy to get lost in the mysterious hypnotic journey that this instrumental brings
Magical, twinkling instrumental building to euphoric electric guitars and drums. Moving, uplifting, poignant.