Acoustic indie pop with male vocal and harmonies. Nice Hammond organ feature.
Plucky, bright pop with male vocal and crisp keyboard and organs, guitars and percussion.
Mellow, acoustic, sensitive pop ballad with soothing sax and male vocal.
Bold, forthright, simple and strident acoustic folk. Punchy male vocal and harmonies.
Smooth and steady folk pop with a glimmer of soulful blues or jazz.
Evocative, pensive ballad with beautiful acoustic guitar and male vocal.
Easy listening, steady, pensive 70s style soft pop rock.
Summertime guitars and keyboard with floaty male vocals
Strong, strident verses with a contrasting punchy time signature and rhythm change in the smooth, flowing chorus.
Gorgeous, stripped back ballad with simple keyboards, guitar; male vocal and harmonies.
Uptempo, swinging, country pop with great energy - impossible not to dance!
Ballad about love and emotional relationships.